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When she asked for a demonstration, he screamed "Whaboom! Most of Lindsay's castmembers — who make up the most diverse grouping in the history of the long-running franchise — boast successful careers as lawyers, medical professionals, consultants, etc.

But Yancey's official occupation on the ABC website is also listed only as "a whaboom," with no further details.

"He was carrying a megaphone, so his voice was booming around the mansion all night,” she told People. In 2016, Lucas Yancey appeared on the We TV dating show “Ex Isle.” But four years before that, he was on the cast of a Spanish-language dating show, Telemundo series called In a non-so-coincidental twist, Lucas appeared on “Ex Isle” with fellow “Bachelorette” contestant Blake Elarbee.

The two men reportedly had a “feud” over Lucas’ ex-girlfriend, Brittney, on the WETV show, which pretty much explains their frosty exchange on the season premiere of “The Bachelorette.” As Perez points out, Lucas also seems to have a “whaboom” brand.

Her sidekick, named Edward'O, provides astrological insight to the love-seeking contestants, who wear tags denoting their astrological signs in lieu of names.

The show goes something like this: 12 male and female contestants enter the competition (hence the "12 Hearts"), one for each Zodiac sign, and various challenges are completed, generally involving dancing, singing, answering questions or kissing.

Knowing that locking lips can be a deal breaker or maker, how brilliant is a dating game show that skips all the first-date awkwardness and skips straight to the good-night kiss?

Bravo's , by comparison, has presented a slew of suitors before Jo with but one actual (the Ukrainian) and one attempted kiss (David, ouch).

The show consists of 12 contestants divided into two groups (usually four males and eight females, but sometimes vice versa).The "Whaboom" guy is far from the first gimmicky contestant to be featured during the traditional Night One limousine entrances.(Last season's talker was a contestant who dressed in costume as a shark but thought she was a dolphin.) Before the debut of in 2014, the jokers usually got the boot after the first night. "If you take a picture of you wearing the shirt and post it on Instagram and tag me," he instructs, "we will send you another shirt for free!The show is filmed in Los Angeles and revolves around the twelve Zodiac signs that identify each contestant.The show is hosted by Penélope Menchaca and features advice from co-host Maximiliano Palacio, an Argentine former polo player turned actor, and Edward'O, an astrologist; Palacio and Edward'O often appear alternately in some episodes and simultaneously in others.

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