Keanu reeves amanda de cadenet dating

He’s perhaps the best dressed guy in the music biz – Esquire named Williams BEST DRESSED MAN IN THE WORLD in 2005.We bet this stylish couple, who call themselves “best friends,” sometimes trade clothes.

Since their 8 year old son is called Rocket, we expect some very original monikers…

Chiron on his DESC is very interesting, he has suffered a lot in relationships. I noticed in some interviews he is sooo uncomfortable being asked about his private life.

And it opposes his Sun, Mercury, Uranus and ASC, yikes! Though Uranus will square his natal Venus, perhaps bringing him some instability in relationship but unexpected as well. [/QUOTE] Honestly Erickaf I have always been intrigued by Keanu myself as we are the same age I have been following his movies/career since he started. I read an article about how close he was with his sister and she was (I believe) fatally ill, this was many years ago now and I'm ashamed to say I didn't follow up on that. I wonder though if he is the kind of guy you date and when things get serious he gets scared of the commitment? I noticed in some interviews he is sooo uncomfortable being asked about his private life. However, I assume his Cancer Moon mellows him out a bit. S5 Jupiter ruler of 7th is with Algol here, I think that shouldn't be overseen.

“Sir” is a title of respect implying a high ranking gentleman – a lord or a knight.

Now if the Carters named their DAUGHTER Sir, we’d be fine with that.

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