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1 hr 22 min Plot Summary In the summer of 1990, Ray moves to Venice Beach and befriends five brothers with a criminal background.

When he witnesses the brothers beat up a bar owner's son, he becomes involved in the bar owner's quest for bloody revenge.

Half a year later, the shrewish Kate, nice-guy cameraman Greg (David Alpay) and snarky-jerk sound guy Alex (Kris Lemche) are reluctantly back, this time accompanied by fresh-out-of-film-school Sarah (Mia Faith), who scored an assistant job by dint of being the boss’s niece.

They’re greeted by Vladimir (Dimitri Diatchenko), the slimy local real-estate agent who finessed Becky’s original purchase.

(2012) teaser trailer stars Kris Lemche, Brooke Nevin, Joey Kern, and Danny Masterson.

Proving once again that it’s a terrible, terrible idea for loud movie Americans to traipse around former Soviet backwaters, “They’re Watching” finds a reality-TV crew in way over their heads in a tiny Moldavian hamlet with a not-so-distant history of witch burning.

The natives send alternately threatening and warning signals to the visitors, who don’t help by causing great offense on several occasions in classic ugly-American fashion.

Back in February CW ordered a pilot presentation for “Tales From the Darkside”, a reboot of fantasy-thriller anthology series created by George A. The pilot for the series aired back in 1983, with it running from ’84-’88.

This Week in Horror - June 26, 2017 - The Evil Within 2, Jason...

The Evil Within 2 was shown at E3, Victor Miller is trying to get the rights back to Jason Voorhees, and Saw: Legacy has an official title!

Even after Joe Hill raved about the pilot presentation, the CW has officially passed on the “Tales From the Darkside” series.

Said Deadline, the anthology had been getting traction with a well executed pilot but its anthology format was a source of uncertainty about how a full season would look, and the project was in need of a showrunner…

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I love Criminal Minds, horror films, Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson, and much much more. Furthermore, she felt as though it should have been her.

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