Updating microchip pet information

This is the only way to effectively trace the origin of the cat/dog.However, if your pet is not yet microchipped then we recommend that you make an appointment to do so with your vet (even in those states where microchipping is not yet compulsory).

All address and animal detail changes will be updated as soon as practicable on the next business day once the new data is received.Licenses expire on December 31 of every second year and must be renewed before March 10 following the expiration date. Our mission is to ensure the safe and speedy recovery of your valuable pet in the event it is lost.If a microchip is detected they will then contact the database the pet is registered on and, following security checks, your contact details will be released so that you can be contacted and reunited with your missing pet.A collar, tag and microchip help Hawaiian Humane Society reunite thousands of animals with their owners every year.

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